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Welcome to Surviving Everyday Stress!

I'm Dana Lynn Thompson and I'm here to share my six years of experience and personal strategies for living with irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety.

I've tried everything from diet changes to CBD oil, fennel tea to Rolaids, lavender spray to yoga, and more! I'm going to share with you my successes and epic failures, my down times, and my joyous wins.

“Our stories bring us together.”

I was not born in the South, but I am a true Southerner at heart and as y'all know, we love to share our stories. This website is to share my story and to offer strategies, hope, and support to those struggling with IBS.


Subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel and join a community of like-minds (and stomachs!) for a lot of talk about bodily functions and fluid (blech! I know, but ya gotta talk about it right?!), food, stress relief and support for people struggling with IBS. You are not alone in this journey. Let's walk it (or run to the bathroom with it! LOL!) together!

Sit + say awhile! I'll get you a sweet tea.

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Hi! I'm Dana

I help people go from "hot mess" to "less stressed" by teaching them how to improve their gut health & get a grip on anxiety.