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To Gluten or Not to Gluten?

That is THE question these days!

Lately the world seems to have a strange love affair with love me, you love me not. But instead of pulling petals off a flower, we're pulling pieces off a loaf of me, eat me what we are asking now!

Scientists, researchers, doctors, and us lowly peeps on the street have all weighed in and the answer is...spin the wheel of gluten fortune and see where it lands. You can find the "right" answer to support both sides. Remember when eggs were bad for you...and then they weren't....and then they were again? Milk was good for you, then it wasn't. Wine was bad, then it was good. But only red wine.

If you've read any research on whether cutting gluten out of your diet will really help with your IBS even if you do not have Celiac's Disease, a gluten allergy, or gluten sensitivity, you know the studies are as varied as women's taste in shoes.

Let me give you the bottom line on how cutting gluten out of your diet may still be the answer you are looking for.


I would love to hear the results you've had by cutting gluten from your diet. Any great GF recipes you'd like to share? Please leave them in the comments below. Everything you share has the potential to make someone's life better and isn't that the coolest thing EVER?! It's why we're here, so share the love.

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