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Hi! I'm Dana

I help people go from "hot mess" to "less stressed" by teaching them how to improve their gut health & get a grip on anxiety.

Being a survivor of chronic fatigue syndrome and living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) over the past 6 years has been a journey of discovery. I had to find the keys to handling stress and uncover the secrets to keeping my severe IBS symptoms from running my life.

While you can't control everything in life ...hello! global pandemic, slow drivers, and waiting on a new season of Bridgerton... you can control how you deal with stress. I'll show you how.

How I Got Here

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Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I was struggling to be normal, hiding my anxiety, and trying to manage my IBS symptoms. But when the lockdown started, and my husband's job disappeared overnight, I began a month of severe stomach pain I would not wish on Voldemort. When this ended, I realized I would make it my mission to help others get a grip on anxiety. 

Twenty years ago, I was struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome. Visit after visit to the doctor, test after test, and no solution.

So why could I barely stay awake for TWO hours after sleeping for TWELVE? Why would I get physically ill if I didn't lay down? They told me I was depressed and called it a day. I knew that wasn't right. I said no to antidepressants.

Do you know that not ONE of those doctors asked me about my diet?!

I finally went to see a nutritionist who not only completely cured my chronic fatigue, but did it with diet in less than a week!

Fast forward 14 years and I'm going back to school to get my masters degree in 18 months while working a full time job. Again, I couldn't handle the stress and instead got a lesson in irritable bowel syndrome and weekly battles with stomach cramps, long stints in the bathroom, and general anxiety disorder. 

I had gotten away from the things that worked. 

Six years later...and hopefully wiser!...I've discovered the keys to getting a grip on my anxiety and I am almost completely IBS symptom free.

I don't have all the answers + I'm definitely not perfect. But I'd love to share my imperfectly perfect journey with you and maybe make your path a little bit easier.


My mission is to help you avoid stress-related health problems like the ones I've experienced and live a happier life through this blog, free emails, and YouTube channel. 

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What My BFFs Know About Me

1. I am a child of the 80s. I still listen to 80s music and watch 80s movies. I miss my blue eyeliner, big hair, and scrunch socks.

2. I am British on my Dad's side and was raised very English. I'm an Anglophile to the core.  I love hot tea, crumpets, royalty, London, and British history. God save the Queen.

3. I am a huge fan of Winston Churchill. I have all his books. I even have a lip balm with his likeness on it...Stiff Upper Lip Balm.

4. I am terrified of snakes.

5. I was named Miss Hawaiian Tropic for Buffalo, NY in 1993. 

6. I have a Jane Austen action figure.

7. I would kill for Lady Mary Crawley's wardrobe in Downton Abbey.

8. People used to mistake me for a boy ALL the time until I was like 15. 

9. I look exactly like my dad (maybe the reason for #8?)

10. I won the Canadian National Figure Roller Skating Championships three times when I was a kid.

11.  I am obsessed with typewriters. Both my great grandfather and my dad were typewriter repairmen for IBM. I have a 1950s pink Royal typewriter. If I could write this blog on my typewriter, I would.

12. I will ugly cry if the Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl in my lifetime. I suffered 4 losses in a row. I deserve this!

13. I once got to fly in a trick helicopter. The pilot said they'll never get the indentions from my fingers out of that seat. 

14. I want to be a college history professor when I grow up. There's still time.

15. I am a vegetarian, but when I visit home (Toronto, Canada) I always eat a Harvey's hamburger in honor of my dad.

16. I published my first book in the 3rd grade about an egg hatching. It may still be in the library at my primary school.

17. Baxter and I walked in a parade with more than 600+ Miniature Schnauzers.

18. I got teary-eyed when I walked out to see Center Court at Wimbledon. It was a dream come true.

19. I read history books for fun.

20. I have a swing dedicated to me on a trail overlooking the river in my hometown. My husband got it for me for Christmas. He's the best.